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Tourism Report

2015 tourism year sets new record, overnight stays increased to 1.2 million, breaking Wiesbaden's record for the fifth time in succession.

Nearly 1.2 million overnight stays

The positive development is duly met with delight: it is the fifth time in succession that a new record was set. At nearly 1.2 million overnight stays (1,199,516 overnights, to be exact), the capital of Hesse succeeded in achieving this new record for the 2015 tourism year. Not only the number of guests staying overnight is reason for contentment and delight. The number of visitors from Germany and abroad, some 587,000 arrivals, also went up once again, this time by 2.2 percent.

Overnight stays: highest figure since records have been kept

Last year's number of overnight stays in Wiesbaden sends the number of tourist overnight stays to a new high since records have been kept. This positive development impressively demonstrates that the capital of Hesse is on the right track targeting its marketing measures to national and international visitors. Focussing, amongst other areas, on city breaks, while cooperating with strong partners such as those from the field of culture, Wiesbaden Marketing GmbH has taken the right decision to establish Wiesbaden as an attractive destination for city breaks. The joint activities of the Wiesbaden Congress Alliance specifically aimed at marketing the city as a convention and trade fair venue, have had a considerable share in this successful development.

Facing the future with optimism

The success generated by these marketing measures is all the more impressive as the former Rhein-Main-Hallen convention centre has not been available for the MICE segment. For those in charge, this also generates optimism for the rather more distant future when the RheinMain CongressCenter Wiesbaden, slated to be one of the most innovative exhibition and convention centres, will go into operation in early 2018.

Marketing Wiesbaden as an attractive destination for city breaks pays off

The continuously growing number of city breakers shows that the marketing measures promoting Wiesbaden as an attractive destination for city breaks is paying off. Cultural events, for instance, are instrumental in appealing to visitors. Collaborations with strong partners such as Museum Wiesbaden, the Hessian State Theatre and Rheingau Music Festival, support this approach, not least thanks to specially tailored travel packages, which are also marketed by directly targeting tour operators.

Increasing number of city breakers from abroad

There is an increasing number of city breakers from abroad, especially when top events are on the agenda, events that are promoted in the "12 fabulous reasons to visit Wiesbaden" brochure circulated at national and international trade fairs. Targeting tour operators in Germany and abroad is bearing fruit. Major tour operators have listed Wiesbaden, making it available for bookings. As demand is continuously on the up, from travel writers and others, Wiesbaden has become better known as a destination for city breaks.

Growing demand in the MICE segment too

To coincide with the development outlined above, there has also been growing demand in the MICE segment during the 2015 tourism year. The number of conventions, meetings and seminars held in Wiesbaden in 2015 went up by almost six percent, rising from 5,475 to 5,820 events. This result is an incentive for the Wiesbaden Congress Alliance, whose activities are being co-ordinated by Wiesbaden Marketing GmbH, to look ahead with confidence to the launch of the new RheinMain CongressCenter in 2018.