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Prints, CDs & DVDs

The items listed below contain countless pictures and stories revolving around Wiesbaden. The Wiesbaden tourist information centre invites you to browse through the entire product range.


  • Dauerbuchkalender

    Perpetual calendar

    Perpetual calendar with 70 calendar pages including 12 pages with photos from Wiesbaden, and 90 pages fot notes, addresses and birthdays. 160 pages in all, elastic rubber band.

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    6.95 €
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  • Bildatlas Wiesbaden

    Bildatlas Wiesbaden

    DuMont travel publishers have published a new illustrated guide entitled "Wiesbaden Rheingau". It is available from the tourist information centre.
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    9.95 €
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  • Wiesbaden Momente: Der Neroberg und seine Russische Kirche

    WiesbadenMomente: The Neroberg and its Russian Church

    trilingual edition: German, Russian and English

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    14.50 €
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  • Wiesbadener Momente: Wiesbaden

    Wiesbadener Momente: Wiesbaden

    Photos and explanations in English, German and French for the most famous sights in Wiesbaden.

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    14.50 €
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  • Wunderland - Die Amerikaner in Wiesbaden

    Wonderland – The Americans in Wiesbaden

    The citizens of Wiesbaden owe a lot to those who liberated their city and have become friends today, even though this relationship may not always have been free from tensions. Many hitherto unpublished photographs were used to illustrate reports by publicist Hans-Dieter Schreeb, historian Walter Mühlhausen, and key witnesses to history, offering a delightful review of the time since 1945 when Wiesbadeners and Americans became neighbours.
    Author: Dr Helmut Müller

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    5.00 €
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CDs and DVDs

  • CD "So kann nur Wiesbaden sein"

    CD "The Wiesbaden Song"

    A CD featuring four different versions of the "Wiesbaden Song" by "Sixpack & a Girl", the winner of the Wiesbaden Song Contest.
    "With this song, we have made a contribution to appreciate this wonderful city and its people in a very special way." (Sixpack & a Girl)

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    5.95 €
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  • CD "Wiesbaden, du bist meine Stadt"

    CD "Wiesbaden, my Town"

    A CD featuring eleven unforgettable songs by Michael Senzig (opera and operetta singer, tenor) and Wolfgang Nieß (classical, swing, jazz and pop pianist).
    Unit Price
    7.00 €
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