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Textiles & clothing

Carrier bags, shopping bags, or folding cushions – brighten up your life with Wiesbaden accessories! All the items are available both online and from our shop at the tourist information centre.


  • The Wiesbaden sock wool "Nizza-Plätzchen" is a classic sock yarn with a run length of 420m to 100gr, it consists of 75% high-quality new wool and 25% polyamide. This ensures softness, highest wearing comfort and stability. The yarn is as well ideal to knitt baby and children\'s clothing, but also scarves can be worked with.
    Unit Price
    19.90 €
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  • Kolter mit Wiesbaden-Motiv

    Blanket with Wiesbaden motif

    Jacquard blanket, 60 per cent cotton, 40 per cent Dralon. Size 150 x 200 cm. Washable.

    Unit Price
    74.90 €
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  • Schwammtuch Wiesbaden

    The Cult Wiesbaden Sponge Cloth

    With Wiesbaden motifs designed by the famous Swedish painter Maria Holmer Dahlgren. Available as double pack for 5,95 Euro.

    Unit Price
    5.95 €
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  • Hoodie Herren "The Upper Ebsch Side"

    Hoodie Men "The Upper Ebsch Side"

    Greetings from the "Upper Ebsch Side!" A clear statement to the spa town with class. Rue, Rheingau and Bowling Green. This luxurious hoody is 100 percent Wiesbaden: noble and dignified!

    No shipping! Get yours from the Tourist Information centre, Marktplatz 1, 65185 Wiesbaden, Germany.

    Unit Price
    59.90 €
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  • Stoffbeutel

    Textile shopping bag

    16 motifs of Wiesbaden.

    Unit Price
    6.95 €
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  • Einkaufswagentasche

    Shopping cart bag

    The shopping cart bag will handle it! Spread it out in your shopping cart at the supermarket and conveniently fill it with your groceries. It easily replaces three plastic bags.

    Unit Price
    13.50 €
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  • Wiesbaden Aquarellschirm (Mini)

    Wiesbaden umbrella (pocket size)

    Automatic opening and closing function, including bag, colorful design with Wiesbaden sights.

    Unit Price
    20.90 €
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