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Market Church

The Protestant Market Church was erected under the direction of Carl Boos, Senior Chief Architect of Nassau from 1853 to 1862 as a Neo-Gothic basilica with a nave and two aisles without an upper storey.

The quarrystone masonry is covered with brick; the architectural sculpture is made of fired clay brick. The main tower is 98 metres high and is the tallest structure in Wiesbaden. The total outer length of the church is about 60 metres. The Market Church has kept most of its original design. In 1900, the ornamental painting in dark,pastose colours are laced the original pale colours of the interior.

After repairing the damage caused during World War II, the church was re-consecrated in 1949. The stained glass of the three middle choir windows was created on the occasion of the further restoration of the church. Today's colours in the interior come from 1963-64 and are based on the original "pale greyish red hue of the walls and the vault, which is only interrupted by the white of the capitals and ornaments."