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St Boniface`s

St Boniface‘s church is the oldest church in the centre of Wiesbaden. It was consecrated on 19th June 1849. Philip Hoffmann, who later built the Russian Church on the Neroberg and the synagogue on the Michelsberg in Wiesbaden, was the major master builder.
St Boniface`s church is the parish church of St Boniface and at the same time the municipal Catholic church of Wiesbaden. The first impression is determined by a mystagogic light-dark in the interior of the large hall. From above, daylight is refracted in the big stained glass windows. In the church the lights of countless prayer candles in different places invite the visitor to spend time in prayer.
The visitor is automatically drawn to the centre where the main altar stands at the crossing. The eternal light in the sacrament chapel has a special aura. It reminds us of the burning bush in which the Lord revealed himself to Moses and manifested his name to the people: "I am the I AM". Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God, faithful witness of the Father in heaven, has given us a wonderful interpretation of this name, "I am with you always, to the end of time".