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Bust of Dostoevsky in the Kurpark

Midyear 1990 the former Russian president Michail Gorbatschow and his wife came to Wiesbaden. A Russian journalist who accompanied Gorbatschow talked to the Russian painter and sculptor Gabriel Glikman about the relation between Wiesbaden and Dostoevsky.
Glikman decided to hand the bust of Dostoevsky as a present the Casino Wiesbaden to its 225th anniversary. Since 1996 the bust of Dostoevsky is located at the Square Nizzaplätzchen in the Kurpark.
Fyodor Dostoevsky aptly described the pounding heart of people at the gaming tables in his novel "The Gambler". The writer's descriptions were based on personal experience, after all, he lost his fortune while staying at a spa in Wiesbaden in 1865. The roulette wheel, at which Dostoevsky feverishly waited to hear "faites votre jeux", can still be seen today.