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Product of the month of April: Wilhelm filter coffee

The Tourist Information regularly presents a product of the month, in April 2018 Wilhelm filter coffee from the Maldaner Coffee Roasters.

Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee? In contrast to traditional coffee roasters, The Maldaner Coffee Roasters consciously choose only a few types of green coffee, but these have a lot to offer. To promote good digestibility, they give each coffee the time it needs and roast it gently and slowly in small batches using the traditional drum roasting process. With a lighter roast they develop the unique character of each coffee and at the same time maintain the right balance between sweetness and acidity. The freshly roasted beans can be used as filter coffee or espresso.

Recommended preparation

Wilhelm is the traditional coffeehouse coffee. The medium roast of 60 percent Colombian and 40 percent Brazilian Arabica beans produces a full, spicy filter coffee with little acidity and fruity notes.