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Product in February: Apple secco from Emmel

Once a month, the Tourist Information presents a special product from the region - in February 2020, the apple secco from the Emmel cider factory in Bierstadt. It is available at the Tourist Information on the market square at a price of 6.90 euros.

Emmels Apfelsecco from Wiesbaden

This apple sparkling wine is produced by Wiesbaden's oldest apple wine producer. Founded in 1960, the Emmel cider factory is a pure family business and is located in the old centre of Wiesbaden Bierstadt.

The cider is made exclusively from local apples and fermented naturally without any additives or yeasts. Fresh, fruity and slightly moussing, this cider sparkling wine from Wiesbaden presents itself.

On the palate light citrus aromas unfold, which merge into a final, finely tart finish of apple aromas. Emmel's Apple Secco is simply perfect for any occasion: as an aperitif, as a cocktail, as an accompaniment to a light meal or simply because it is fun.

Wiesbaden's oldest cider factory

The family-run cider factory was founded in 1960 in the old town centre of Wiesbaden Bierstadt and has been family-owned ever since. The current operator, Rainer Emmel, took over the winery from his father Edgar Emmel in 1993. Even today, the production of cider is still traditionally practised according to "Alter Väter Sitte". Every year in autumn, about 150 tons of apples, exclusively from the area of Wiesbaden, are processed. About 40,000 to 50,000 litres of cider are produced for the annual needs of the cider winery.