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Product in April: Vouchers for the Museum Wiesbaden

Once a month, the Tourist Information presents a special product from the region - in April 2020, vouchers for the Museum Wiesbaden. Give away an unforgettable museum visit!

Jugendstil and Art Nouveau at Museum Wiesbaden: Jugendstil (also known as Art Nouveau) was a revolutionary art movement. It asserted a form of modern art that was attuned to its own era, and drew its themes both from nature and from the visual language of the human being and their passions. As such, Jugendstil used art to explore and discover possibilities for a utopian and aesthetically determined form of society. Emerging from the dynamism of nature and the vitality of youth, fin-de-siècle art also embodied the darker side of life, most notably through Symbolism and its bleak aesthetics of decay, myth and mystery. The aim was to create a Gesamtkunstwerk that would erase the divisions between life and art.

Museum Wiesbaden is presenting the collection of Ferdinand Wolfgang Neess as a permanent display in the southern wing of the museum. More than 500 objects provide a crosssection of all the genres of Jugendstil, providing prime examples of the quality and stylistic virtuosity boasted by the art of the late nineteenth century.