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Product of the month of September: Wiesbaden Symphony Tea

Once a month the Tourist Information presents a special product from the region - in September 2020 the Wiesbaden Symphony Tea by TeeGschwendner.

Wait and see? On the contrary: according to the motto: "Trading and drinking tea", Albert Gschwendner and his brothers laid the foundation stone of today's business success in 1976. However, trading does not only mean trading tea, but also taking part and moving things around - with a portion of calmness and restraint. Two qualities that are also associated with the product tea.

Gschwendner's "World of Tea" with around 300 loose tea varieties and various infusion bag assortments convinces tea drinkers in the most diverse corners of the world today: from Latin America and the Arabic region to the USA, where a TeaGschwendner shop opened in Chicago in April 2005.

"To accompany this process of growth in our organization, to help determine the direction and to deal with what for me is the most beautiful and finest retail product on earth every year anew, that is what makes up the constant enthusiasm for me", explained Albert Gschwendner.

What once began with a passion of Albert Gschwendner, is today a whole world of experience around tea. Via Franchise, the small tea shop in Trier has become the market leader in the specialist tea retail trade - thanks to the extraordinary founder Albert Gschwendner.

To the office in Wiesbaden: My name is Kathrin Gschwendner and I'm a member of the founding family. I was involved in the business from the very beginning. As a graduate biologist, I wanted to go in a different direction, but I put my heart and soul into the company and my love of tea and so I took over the specialist shop in Mainz in 2016 and then in Wiesbaden as a franchisee in March 2017.

  • Wiesbaden Symphony Tea

    Flavoured tea blend
    A fruity and exotic composition of rare fragrances.
    A touch of precious vanilla refines the black and green leaf teas.

    Unit Price
    5.70 €
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