"A living monument ..." The Jagdschloss Platte was erected from 1823 to 1826 and was used as the autumn residence of the Nassau ducal family during the hunting season.

After the death of Duke Wilhelm in 1839 the ownership passed to his son, the last Nassauian Duke Adolf. Even after the annexation of Nassau by Prussia in 1866 the hunting lodge continued to remain the property of the Duke, who was proclaimed Grand Duke of Luxembourg in 1890. Duke Adolf last held court in Platte Hunting Lodge in 1865. The heirs of the Duke, who died in 1905, sold the building in 1913 to the City of Wiesbaden, which used it for a diverse range of purposes. During the Second World War the air defence control centre was located in the hunting lodge. In the last days of the war the lodge was hit and destroyed. The ruins fell into a Sleeping Beauty slumber, however still remains an attraction for people due to its charming location. In 1987 the present day initiative „Stiftung Jagdschloss Platte e.V.“ started administering to the needs of the hunting lodge and made it useable again.

Initial reinforcement work was begun on the ruin from 1989. It has been used as a location for weddings, parties and other events since 1993.

In 2003, the structure was given a modern glass roof consisting of four square plates spanning the building and emphasising the remaining historic basic structure in the shape of an inverted pyramid. The character of the ruin is thus optically unchanged. The combination of old architecture and new elements along with the glass roof and viewing platform underline the extraordinary character of the Jagdschloss.

The interior was further extended in the autumn of 2006 and the building has been available again for events without restrictions since April 2007.

The Jagdschloss has been very popular as an unusual event location since then and growing numbers of guests now stroll around the structural work of art throughout the year thanks to a modern air-conditioning system that guarantees a pleasant stay whatever the season. The charming viewing platform and the glass roof are a special attribute allowing guests to unrestrictedly enjoy the passing of the seasons. This is the perfect setting for company and family events, festive occasions, meetings or presentations, offering plenty of scope for creativity and individual arrangements.