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mattiaqua – the city's company for spas, pools and leisure


Wiesbaden's Bäckerbrunnen fountain has been there since the 18th Century. Its name comes from the fact that the bakers and butchers in the surrounding area used to collect the water they needed for their trade there.

The hot water saved on expensive fuel wood. A barrel containing 50 litres cost three pfennigs back then, later rising to five pfennigs. That was 20 pfennigs for a 200 litre bath. The price was raised to seven pfennigs from 1st January 1909. Until 1975, the fountain poured out 65 litres of water per minute from its own spring, flowing at a temperature of around 49 degrees Celsius.

The healing water is said to have a stabilising effect. However, its low yet detectable arsenic content means that it should only be drunk in small quantities.