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mattiaqua – the city's company for spas, pools and leisure


The Kochbrunnen fountain on Kranzplatz is not only the symbol of Wiesbaden, but also a place often frequented by the health-conscious. It is Wiesbaden's most famous thermal spring, because this prolific spring emits thermal water said to have a whole series of health benefits.

The Kochbrunnen is one of the "primary springs" of Wiesbaden. Only a small portion of the water feeds the drinking fountain in the Kochbrunnenpavillon and the Kochbrunnenspringer. Most of the water is diverted to the treatment plant at the Kaiser-Friedrich-Therme. From there, it moves on to the city's thermal water network, which branches out in all directions. It is used both for healing purposes (including in the Thermalbad Aukammtal), and to heat Wiesbaden town hall, the flats in the Palasthotel and the "Weberhof".


The sinter deposits for which Wiesbaden was famous in Roman times and which were used to dye hair as the "Mattiacic balls" can be clearly seen here. The reddish-yellow layer increases in thickness by seven centimetres per year. It needs to be removed regularly so that it does not crush the shell-shaped fountain.