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The water of the Schützenhofquelle spring is significantly colder and lower in minerals than that in Wiesbaden's other thermal springs. It is diluted by cold fresh water and cooled to 49 degrees Celsius.

The Romans were very fond of spas and founded the first spa for their soldiers there. Later, spa guests from Gaul, on the left of the Rhine, erected a small Sirona shrine on this site. A memorial stone to the Celtic spring goddess Sirona can today be seen in the Roman exhibition at the state museum.

In the Middle Ages, the Schützenhofquelle was part of a homestead. The spa doctors at the time valued the water, which was described as mild and healing. The spring's current name comes from the owner of the associated bathhouse during the Middle Ages, Baron Gottfried Schütz von Holzhausen. In 1631, ownership of the property passed to Count Johann von Nassau-Idstein, but the name "Herrschaftliches Bad zum Berge" did not catch on, only "Grafenbad". Ordinary people continued to call the spring Schützenhof.