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In thermal baths, the temperature and mineral composition of the water play a big role.

Warm thermal water is relaxing and eases pain, while alternating hot and cold baths stimulate circulation as well as the nervous and immune systems. Drinking thermal water has a cleansing and purging effect. It stimulates the metabolism and digestive system, and helps alleviate metabolic disorders. Inhaling thermal waters also has a healing effect. The steam is especially helpful for respiratory diseases, such as asthma and chronic bronchitis. The Wiesbaden thermal springs, with their high quantity of sodium chloride, are especially effective in treating rheumatic and orthopaedic disorders. The high salt content of the Sole baths is also good for treating gout, inflammations or bruising of the sciatic nerve, other nervous system disorders, abdominal disorders, as well as respiratory illnesses.

Bathing Area

The bathing area spreads out on a total space of approximately 4,400 square meters. The large indoor pool (435 square meters) comprises a nonswimmer area with a water depth of 1.20 meters and a swimming area that is 1.80 meters deep. Neck spray jets, massage nozzles and water massage recliners, as well as a whirlpool with special light impressions ensure additional well-being. Guests may take part in daily water gymnastic courses. The 450 square meters large outdoor pool with depths of 1.20 to 1.35 meters is equipped with water massage recliners. Both pools are connected by a swim-through channel.

Activity Pool

In the 80 square meters large activity pool with a water depth of 0.90 to 1.20 meters guests may enjoy special health courses such as Aqua Workout with pool noodles and Aqua Back Strengthening. More information will be announced on poster boards next to the entrance or with special info flyers. We will also be happy to inform you personally.

Sauna Area

Saunas are ideal for reenergizing. Alternating between the beneficial heat in the sauna and a subsequent cooling off period strengthens the body's immune system and circulation. The body's metabolism comes up to full speed. The sauna stay improves skin texture and cleanses the body.

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