Christmas tree

The Twinkling Star Christmas Market and its huge Christmas tree are magnificently festive and spread Christmas spirit among the people of Wiesbaden and their guests once again every year.

Mid-november, marks the start of the run-up to Christmas on the Schlossplatz: The Christmas tree will be brought into position in front of the Rathaus, where, with its many lights, it forms one of the attractions of the Twinkling Star Christmas Market from 23 November to 23 December 2021.

The tree anchorage is an annual event that is well known and visited by Wiesbaden residents. People that already took part of the event, are impressed anew every year. Anyone who hasn't been there yet should not miss out on this spectacle.

The erection of the Nordmann fir will be moderated by Anke Seeling like every year. The guests traditionally also include the reigning Hessian Christmas Tree Queen into the event. Like every year the event will be celebrated with mulled wine and specialities from the bratwurst stand.

After positioning the Christmas tree the decoration begins. A total of 30.000 environmentally-friendly LED bulbs including flashing bulbs create impressive lighting effects.