Christmas Fairy Tale: Peter Pan

With "Peter Pan", the State Theatre takes you to Neverland in this year's Christmas fairy tale. Advance booking started on 13 October 2022.

Peter Pan does not want to grow up. That's why he lives, together with the fairy Tinkerbell and the lost children, in Neverland, where there are rogue pirates, beautiful mermaids and ticking crocodiles. One evening he flies through the open window into the Darling family's nursery, and before the worried parents can do anything about it, Wendy, John and Michael fly out into the night and land on Neverland. Together they have to go on great adventures. Between wish and reality, fantasy and reverie, James Matthew Barrie tells of the magic and pitfalls of childhood, of friendship, family and finding one's own way.

"And don't forget: there's always a way to Neverland! All you need is a beautiful thought - and some fairy dust."