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Christmas in Wiesbaden

Christmas Fairy Tale: Nils Holgersson

"Nils Holgersson" (The Wonderful Adventures of Nils), based on a novel by Selma Lagerlöf, is the title of this year's Christmas fairy tale at the State Theatre.

"Nils Holgersson", based on a novel by Selma Lagerlöf, recounts the story of Nils Holgersson, the cheeky boy whose favourite pastime is torturing animals. One day, when he messes with a pixie man, as a punishment, Nils is turned into a midget himself. In his new shape, he sees how Martin, the house goose, wants to make off, because he wants to join the wild geese.

Together with Martin Nils flies with the animals, and an adventurous journey begins. But life so far away from home is dangerous. Again and again, Nils helps his new companions, and he too is rescued by the geese from time to time.

The play "Nils Holgersson", in an adaptation by Mareike Zimmermann, guarantees a festive Christmas experience for the whole family. For everyone aged six and up.


Tickets are available from the box office at "Großes Haus", or can be ordered by phone on +49 (0)611/132 325, by e-mail at vorverkaufstaatstheater-wiesbadende, or online by using the link provided below.
This year's Christmas fairy tale is entitled "Nils Holgersson". wiesbaden.de / Photo: Christine Tritschler
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