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Living in Wiesbaden
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Worth noting

Since the Solidarnosc movement, Wroclaw has been developing into a lively economic and cultural centre and in 2016 has even been designated "European Capital of Culture".

The capital of Lower Silesia was a significant trade and crafts centre during the late Middle Ages due to its advantageous location on the river Oder and the crossroads of several important trade routes, and later also became a Hanseatic city.

Today, Wroclaw with its many and diverse events, its theatre and music festivals, museums, theatres, music halls, with its Opera and Philharmonic, and its myriad clubs and galleries, has become the dynamic cultural centre of Lower Silesia.

Students from Poland and abroad who study at the renowned university or at one of the city’s many other colleges add to the young, vital, and cheerful flair of the city.