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Der offizielle Veranstaltungskalender der hessischen Landeshauptstadt bietet einen schnellen Überblick über große und kleine Events in der Stadt.

Stray - a drama written by Ruth McKee

Well-educated, middle-class couple James and Rachel have moved back to America from Uganda with their traumatized adopted son in hopes of providing him with a better life. Instead, Daniel is threatened with expulsion from school for his violent behavior.

As his behavior becomes increasingly dangerous, Daniel's rocky progress is revealed through the eyes of the adults who are responsible for him - his levelheaded principal, his apprehensive teacher, and his sympathetic counselor - and James and Rachel are forced to grapple with the backlash of their choices.


Wiesbaden Performing Arts Center (WPAC)
Hellmundstrasse 33 (Hinte
65183 Wiesbaden



Wiesbaden English Language Theater (WELT)