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Der offizielle Veranstaltungskalender der hessischen Landeshauptstadt bietet einen schnellen Überblick über große und kleine Events in der Stadt.

+++ Aktueller Hinweis: Bitte beachten Sie, dass aufgrund des Coronavirus derzeit viele Veranstaltungen abgesagt werden. Bitte informieren Sie sich entsprechend beim jeweiligen Veranstalter. +++

50 Shades of Fairytales - a guest appearance at the WPAC

We start learning about fairytales and happily-ever-after before we can even walk. Then we grow up. Some of us wonder what ever happened to the fairytales and some of us, well... never believed in them in the first place. This whimsical and quirky song revue depicts the journey of two women (both played by Titilayo Adedokun) who evolve through their personal experiences of love, its challenges and its consequences.

A collection of witty and thought-provoking songs that will leave you laughing, crying and oh-so identifying with the characters. 50 Shades of Fairytales explores the complexities of love and the consequences of expectations, dealing with these issues in a satirical and entertaining way.


Wiesbaden Performing Arts Center (WPAC)
Hellmundstrasse 33 (Hinte
65183 Wiesbaden



Wiesbaden Performing Arts Center (WPAC)