Casino Wiesbaden

Since the exemplary and extensive restauration of the Kurhaus in the year 1985 the casino is located in the former wine hall.

Its typical neoclassical interior design has a well-balanced and agreeable effect on the visitor. With its filigrane cherry wood work and the fantastic crystal chandeliers, the wine parlor is the most beatiful witness of former times within the Kurhaus. Its festive atmosphere is especially suitable for its designates use as a gambling hall – and also leaves the possibility to aprreciate the charme of its magnificent architecture.

The changing history of the Casino Wiesbaden starts in 1771 when the Duke of Nassau-Usingen granted the first license for public card games that were in fashion during those times.

Eleven years later roulette is being introduced to this casino, this being the triumphant start of an extremely popular pastime pleasure. Dignitaries, musicians, poets, authors, they all came to Wiesbaden to try out their luck. One of the famous writers amongst them was Dostojewski, who gambled away all his belongings here in the year 1865. This, in retrospect, was apparently the reason that forced him to write a new book. The famous novel “The Gambler” was the result, a classic of world literature.

In cooperation with the Kurhaus Management and the Kurhaus Gastronomy, which is under the capable management of the reputable Gerd Käfer, diverse incentive programs are being offered and organized. More and more event organizers are including a visit to the Casino or offer a “Club Roulette” with all the attributes of a roulette game in their conference program as a special attraction.

Guests that are not yet familiar with the roulette rules are being offered demonstrations and practice games. Art exhibitions, matinees with lectures, etc. are additional attractions for the cultural interested visitor to the Casino. The “Petty Gamble” is housed in the adjoining Kurhaus Colonnades. Here the visitor can try his luck on over 130 different slot machines with various entertainment programs.

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