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Ludwig Beck Award for Civil Courage

Ludwig Beck Award 2013

The Ludwig Beck Award for Civil Courage of Wiesbaden, the regional capital for the year 2013 goes to Nohora Tovar. It will be awarded to her in the autumn of 2013.

The Ludwig-Beck-Prize for Civil Courage of Wiesbaden, the regional capital is furnished with 10,000 Euros. This year, it goes to Nohora Tovar. Sven Gerich, Wiesbaden's Lord Mayor, is very happy that the selection board unanimously voted for Nohora Tovar. She has worked for the rights of Columbian workers of both genders under life-threatening conditions for 20 years, and her work is an outstanding example of civil courage.

Regardless of the massive threats she suffered, and the killing of many of her fellow campaigners, she continues with her activities. On many international forums she draws attention to the grievances in her home country. Columbia is the most dangerous country on earth for the representatives of workers. Lord Mayor Gerich expressed his greatest respect for this achievement. Her courageous and life-endangering work is very impressive, even more so before the background of the continuous threats to which Nohora Tovar is exposed. She represents the highest level of civil courage.

The prize will be awarded in autumn; the exact date will be published in time.

The regional capital of Wiesbaden awards the Ludwig-Beck-Award for civil courage to honor persons, institutions or associations from all parts of the world who excelled with civil courage dedicated to their work for the public well-being, the peaceful cohabitation of people, social justice, the basic principles of democracy and states of law. The price is awarded especially to persons whose activities were so outstanding and praiseworthy that acknowledging them with this prize seems in line with the donor of the name, Ludwig Beck.

In the age of the national-socialist regime, Ludwig Beck opposed Adolf Hitler and his racist omnipotence mania and he still is a model of special civil courage in our time.

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