Ferris wheel with Hessian winter tavern

The nicest view of the city met the most delicious food from the earthenware pot (local dialect: Dippe) and barrel - daily from 28 November 2023 until 8 January 2024.

Roasted almonds, gingerbread, punch. There are certain smells and tastes that go hand-in-hand with Advent and evoke perhaps forgotten but fond memories. This range of winter pleasure is now enhanced by Handkäs (marinated handmade cheese), Äppler (apple wine) and the most delicious food the earthenware pot and barrel have to offer.

Because once again this year the Hessian winter tavern awaits the visitors with traditional treats at the foot of the shimmering Ferris wheel in addition to the Christmas festive stands. The Hessian winter tavern brings that rustic, cosy feel that we all know from home into the centre of the city. "And that includes typical Hessian treats in addition to the usual Christmas delights" enthuse thrilled guests.

In short: Looking forward to Christmas is Hessian – at the Wiesbaden Ferris wheel with Hessian winter tavern. There has been high-flying above and in the good tavern daily from 28 November 2023 until 8 January 2024. The Wiesbaden Ferris wheel offered its guests a magnificent view of the beautiful, festively illuminated city centre from a height of 45 meters.

The Wiesbaden people and their guests can look forward to Hessian recipes made using regional ingredients once again this year and feel at home here before or after strolling around the shops.