The Christmas tree in the Kurhaus

As every year, the people of Wiesbaden and the guests of the Hessian state capital look forward to the special Christmas tree in the foyer of the Kurhaus, which will be set up there at the beginning of November.

The poinsettia - Euphorbia pulcherrima - also called Advent star, Christmas star or poinsettia, is a plant species from the spurge genus in the spurge family. And it is precisely these - more than 2,000 fresh red poinsettias - that make up the special Christmas tree and give the imposing foyer of the Kurhaus a wonderful red glow.

Every year at the beginning of November, guests and Wiesbaden residents eagerly await this attraction in the foyer of the Kurhaus. For more than 25 years now, this atmospheric tradition has been an integral part of the pre-Christmas hustle and bustle of the Kurhaus, attracting not only kindergarten groups, school classes and guided tours for guests, but also visitors to Wiesbaden from near and far. The magical poinsettia tree is unique in its kind with a height of almost 8.15 metres and is a cherished landmark of Wiesbaden's Kurhaus during the Christmas season.