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The high status which literature has always enjoyed in Wiesbaden is expressed today, as in the past, in a multitude of literary events. This is clear from an unusually large number of bookshops which have initiated reading festivals such as “Buchseiten – Buchzeiten” together with literature producers and bookmakers. The city´s “house of literature” in Villa Clementine is an established venue for numerous readings, and various cultural institutions also offer script camps, workshops and lectures.

House of Literature

The city's "house of literature" in the Classic Revival building known as the Villa Clementine offers a wide range of activities and events. The focus is on readings as well as lectures and forums on literature, literature history and language. Villa Clementine is also home to the "Börsenverein des Dt. Buchhandels", the German book trade association, the state associations of Hessen and Rhineland-Palatinate and the Wiesbaden Press Club.