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Services Sector and Consulting

Financial companies stand out in the services sector. Since 1948, Wiesbaden has been the domicile of R+V-Versicherung, the group of insurance companies belonging to the German Co-operative Banks known as the Volks- und Raiffeisenbanken. Other important insurance companies here are DBV Winterthur, which is part of the Axa Group, as well as Delta Lloyd Deutschland AG. Moreover, Nassauische Sparkasse, one of the ten largest savings bank organisations in Germany, has its registered office in Wiesbaden.

Consulting is an important source of Wiesbaden's growth. With over 400 business consultancies (management, personnel and strategic consulting services) as well as around 1,000 freelance business consultants, Wiesbaden is considered to be the secret capital of this branch of business. IT, with its well-known representatives, such as CSC Deutschland Solutions GmbH, the subsidiary of the American IT giant CSC, is important to the city. This company directs its IT consulting and systems integration operations throughout Germany from Wiesbaden.

Wiesbaden has a history as an excellent location for the media and has acquired a good reputation with its "Unter den Eichen" Media Park. Today, the media firms based here are primarily involved in post-production and cartoon animation activities. In the close neighbourhood the Wiesbaden University of Applied Sciences is situated. Many of the creative heads have become extremely successful with their companies. Examples are the Scholz & Volkmer media agency, and the "Q" and 3deluxe design agencies. Through 3deluxe, a bit of the history of the German Football World Cup in 2006 was created in Wiesbaden: This agency not only supplied the design for the Football Globe Germany, but also played a crucial role in the design of the closing ceremony in Berlin with its sets and sceneography.