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wiesbaden.de optimised for smartphone and tablet

The city web site wiesbaden.de has been optimised for smartphone and tablet. Content now adapts to mobile devices thanks to responsive design.

The city internet platform www.wiesbaden.de can now be read optimally on all mobile devices in a particularly user-friendly way. The conversion of the web site to a responsive design, which was implemented by Wiesbaden Marketing GmbH, means that the homepage can be displayed as usual on the desktop and also on tablet and smartphone. Content adapts to the resolution of the respective device automatically and is optimized for touchscreen.

The rapid increase in mobile internet usage was a reason for the change. Even before the conversion to the responsive design, more than 40% of visitors were using the web site of the state capital of Wiesbaden with mobile devices, and there is an upward trend.

The new “responsive” design has been developed and tested since the end of last year under the management of the online editors from “Sitepark” (technology) and “DieFirma“ (graphics) located at Wiesbaden Marketing GmbH.

Within the framework of a study conducted by the Media Management course of studies at the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, the implementation of the new design received scientific support from students headed by Professor Stephan Schwarz. The students analysed and examined the test platform for smartphone and tablet in terms of their responsive design and usability. The study provided valuable information for the new design. After the optimisation brought about by the study, the web site of the city of Wiesbaden is well adapted to mobile usage, and the collaboration was very fruitful for all involved.