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Fines and Penalties Department


Contact details

Information on warning procedures

The treatment of the warning procedures up to 55 Euro in traffic is only done by the employees of the warning and penalty place.

It is distinguished between "stationary traffic" and "moving traffic” in the warning procedure: "Stationary traffic" encloses breaches of the law as for example unauthorised parking on the sidewalk, blocking of escape routes or parking without use of parking discs as prescribed by traffic signs. However, exceeding the speed limit is assigned to the area "moving traffic".

Provided that it concerns fine proceeding (offence against the road traffic regulations of more than 55 Euro), the competence lies with the central penalty place at the regional council in Kassel, Kurt-Schumacher-Ring 2, 34117 Kassel.

Even though, also the police of the states can ascertain offences in the area of stationary and moving traffic. These displays are directly passed to the regional council in Kassel and processed there.

Therefore, letters concerning offences can be sent by the regional council in Kassel or by the local warning and penalty places.

After having received an offer of a warning fine, the receiver has the right to react within one week. When paying the fine immediately, the procedure will directly end.

Important: Without mentioning the file reference number in the intended purpose, an allocation of the paid amount cannot take place – see bank details for further information.

Should you express yourselves to the procedure in the enclosed hearing curve, let pass the time limit or not pay the fine, the procedure automatically goes on. An answer on the statement by us can but does not have to take place. At this point, the procedure can be passed to the next higher authority which is the regional council in Kassel.

The employees are available for any further questions. Specific contact persons can be taken from the covering letter directed to you.

Statements have to be directed to the mentioned contact possibilities.

Payment instructions

For payment, you can wire the money into our bank account at Postbank Frankfurt, bank account number 0288936602. Please use the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and the Bank Identifier Code Number (BIC):

IBAN DE27500100600288936602

Important: In any case, please include our reference number: XXX.XXXXXX.X

Please be advised that we only accept wire transfers or cash. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any other form of payment.

Landeshauptstadt Wiesbaden
George-Marshall-Str. 4
65197 Wiesbaden


George-Marshall-Straße 4
65197 Wiesbaden

Mailing address

P.O. Box 3911
65029 Wiesbaden

Accessibility with local public transport

Stop Willy-Brandt-Allee, Bus lines 5, 8, 15 und 18.
Timetable information: Stop Willy-Brandt-Allee