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Politics in Wiesbaden

Direct contact with politics – that’s what citizens can experience on the municipal level of politics in Wiesbaden.

They are directly concerned by the discussions held and the decisions made within the municipal parliament, the city council, the committees and local councils. The determination of building sites, road construction, municipal fees, the building of town houses, schools and kindergartens, land development etc. are municipal topics discussed and decided on by politicians and the municipal bodies.

Except the city councilors and heads of department who work full time, municipal politicians work on an honorary basis. They put their entire professional and personal knowledge at the city’s disposal. One can only be elected into the municipal parliament when living in Wiesbaden – the same applies to the election of members of the local council.

The legal frame for municipal administration is the “Hessische Gemeindeordnung (HGO)” (Hessian ordinances). It is valid for around 426 cities and towns in Hesse and regulates the cooperation between the political bodies.