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Some short statistical information

This page provides an overview of the most important statistics concerning the Hessian state capital. If not otherwise stated all figures are based on the year 2008.

Municipal area

  • Geographic location
    50.05 North, 8.15 East

  • Area
    20.390 hectares of which
    5.598 hectares are woodland

  • Circumference
    78.8 km

  • North-south-extension
    17.6 km

  • East-west-extension
    19.7 km

  • Highest point
    at Rheinhöhenweg 608 m

  • Lowest point
    Entrance to Schierstein Harbor 83 m

  • Height above sea level of the city center
    Schloßplatz (City Hall) 115 m

  • Highest building
    Marktkirche 92 m (church at market square)