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100 Examples of Historicism

The project "On Site - 100 examples of Historicism worth visiting" is designed to focus attention on the layout of the city and its architectural structures.

The events organised around the "Year of Historicism" which have been presented to date have focused more on the events themselves, and less on the venues. During the project "On Site", by contrast, the structures, squares, parks and streets themselves will be the centres of attention.

The Municipal Museum Project Centre has selected 100 sites in the Wiesbaden city centre which exemplify Historicism and which are worth visiting. There are pictures and short descriptions of the sites on the following pages.

At the beginning of this project, the Municipal Museum Project Centre limited its activity to the city centre. Anyone familiar with Wiesbaden's architectural variety, especially in connection with the 19th century, will quickly notice that this project is merely a beginning.