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Hotel Nassauer Hof

Kaiser-Friedrich-Platz 3 - 4

Architect Alfred Schnellenberg designed the Hotel Nassauer Hof in a late historistic style. Erected between 1898 and 1907, the building extended to Taunusstraße and replaced the hotel of the same name originally built by Zais on the same site. In 1945 the building on the corner of Taunusstraße was destroy and, in the 1980s, a new building was erected in its place. After the Second World War, when the Nassauer Hof was rebuilt, two additional, inornate storeys were added to the main building on Wilhelmstraße, and covered with a flat roof.

These new additions detracted from the building's once splendid radiance. However, despite the additions the Neo-Baroque structure is still recognizable on the south wing. The interiors also suffered from the effects of the war, but in the large modern rooms the atmosphere of those days is still palpable.

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