Wiesbaden's own hillside, the Neroberg, has had its name since 1750. It rises 245 metres above sea level and is a popular recreation site for Wiesbaden residents.

As early as the first half of the 19th century, Neroberg was a location for numerous celebrations and was a popular place for people to meet to spend their leisure time. The southern side of Neroberg was planted as a vineyard as long ago as 1525. Since 2005, it has been managed by the Hessian State Wine Estates in Eberbach.

In 1851, Philipp Hoffmann designed the monopteros, a temple built as a viewpoint in the style of the Italian Renaissance. Downhill somewhat from the monopteros is the Russian Orthodox church whose gold-plated onion domes are visible from far away.

The original Neroberg Hotel designed by Felix Genzmer, whose tower was an example of late Historicism, burned down in 1986. Today, what remains is the tower and a café which was added later. The spiral-shaped outdoor theatre, created in 1994, is available for events during the summer months.

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