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An der Ringkirche 3

According to the drawings of the architect Johannes Otzen, and in consultation with the Dean Emil Veesenmeyer, the construction of the Ringkirche began in Rheinstraße in 1893. Its lay-out dated back to the beginning of the century, but since then it had been developed into a bridle path and a tree-lined promenade. Since the church was supposed to be primarily an assembly area for the community with an altar, pulpit and organ in the centre, the church was planned as a circular building.

Its erection as the third protestant church after the Marktkirche and Bergkirche had become necessary due to the strongly growing number of protestants in Wiesbaden. With its double-tower facade the Ringkirche dominates Rheinstraße and Kaiser-Friedrich-Ring equally. The consecration of the Ringkirche took place on Reformation Day 1894. Appropriately it first was given the name Reformationskirche (Reformation Church), before the church finally took on the name of its location on the ring road, Ringkirche.