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As the mid-point of the Historisches Fünfeck (historical pentagon), the Schloßplatz is surrounded by the City Palace of the Dukes of Nassau, the former and the new City Hall, and the Marktkirche. The marketplace fountain, built in 1753, decorates the middle of the square. Today, Wiesbaden residents still refer to the Schloßplatz as "Marktplatz" as it was once known. As early as the Middle Ages, this was a fortified location: a settlement developed around a tower, surrounded by a wall and towered gates, which was granted a charter prior to 1241. The square is especially important because of its settlement history, which goes back more than 1,200 years. In the 19th century, Schloßplatz was completely redesigned, and its architecture includes all the stylistic phases of Historicism.

City Map