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Art Nouveau at Museum Wiesbaden - Collection F. W. Neess

Beginning on 29 June 2019, Museum Wiesbaden presents the Ferdinand Wolfgang Neess collection – one of the most significant European private collections of Art Nouveau and Symbolism.

This exquisite collection, compiled by the exacting collector over a period of more than 40 years, became the property of Museum Wiesbaden with the signing of the deed of donation on 23 March 2017. Not only was the museum able to keep the collection in Germany, it, at once, put itself on equal footing with Europe’s leading museums for Art Nouveau and promises to become one of the most important centers for Art Nouveau in Germany.

Comprising some 700 objects, the collection is distinguished both by the exceptional quality of the works and by their remarkable art-historical significance. A distinctive feature of the collection lies, as well, in its international character, including German, French and Austrian works of art and having been conceived entirely in the spirit of unity that defines Art Nouveau. Furniture, glass, ceramics, lamps, paintings and silver all come together here to create the total work of art.

This Gesamtkunstwerk represents the spirit of that historical moment to unify art and nature inseparably.