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sam – City Museum in the Market

Starting with an opening ceremony, the "sam – Stadtmuseum am Markt" city museum first opened its gates on Sunday, September 11, 2016.

The market cellar ("Marktkeller"), right in the heart of Wiesbaden, is the new home to the "sam – Stadtmuseum am Markt" city museum. On a floor space of some 1,300 square metres, visitors of all ages can discover the history of what is now Hesse's capital city.

There are several exhibitions for interested visitors. The largest, at over 1,200 square metres, is "Wiesbadens Lieblingsstücke" (Wiesbaden's favourite pieces), where visitors can discover the history of the city. In the treasury, they can admire highlights from the collection of Nassau antiquities. Younger visitors will enjoy the "Die spinnen die Mattiaker!" (These Mattiaci are crazy) children's exhibition. There are also interesting special exhibitions.

The history of the market cellar goes back more than 100 years. Located under the Dern'sche Gelände square, it is a protected monument. "sam – Stadtmuseum am Markt" has now found its new home here, for the first time giving visitors the chance to explore the story of Wiesbaden from pre- and ancient history to the present day.