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Winter Sports

Delightful peace, quiet and pure winter feeling just outside the gates of the city: on several cross-country skitracks of various lengths, cross-country skiers can enjoy their hobby and get close to nature. The "Kellerskopf" long-distance ski-track offers a length of four-and-a-half kilometres, which is just as easy to negotiate as the two-kilometre "Platte" ski-path which starts at the Platte Royal Hunting Lodge.

There are some inclinations to be negotiated on the long-distance ski-track "Hohe Kanzel". This nine-kilometre-long ski path extends from a height of just under 470 metres to the summit of the 600 metre-high "Hohe Kanzel". But in the winter months, Wiesbaden's hilly landscape is also converted into an Eldorado for tobogganing fans. "Let’s go" is the cry on many field and forest paths dedicated to this purpose in the city area and suburbs. And those who like to walk – or ride – on the wild side, will enjoy the centrally-situated artificial ice-skating rink, Henkell Kunsteisbahn.