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German Clinic for Diagnosis (DKD)

Based on the famous Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, this clinic was founded in 1970. Today the Stiftung Deutsche Klinik für Diagnostik GmbH is a nationally and internationally renowned healthcare center. The DKD sees itself as a provider of specialized medical services; when diagnosing complicated illnesses, it relies on the interdisciplinary cooperation of more than 60 specialists, high quality medical equipment without a lot of formalities. One physician is a patient's point of contact for all of the services provided. In addition to ambulatory care, the DKD, which is also a dialysis center and one of the largest bone marrow transplant centers in Germany, offers individual checkups, including those for executives, and has entered into special agreements with 300 companies for this reason. For chronically ill patients, there is a day clinic and inpatient care is offered in the fields of gynecology, intestinal diseases, urology, ENT, internal and nuclear medicine, as well as radio-iodine therapy. This range of services is supplemented by eight independent physician's practices under the roof of the DKD.

Referrals by every physician who treats members of health insurance schemes or by clinics; private patients may be referred by a physician or on their own initiative, inpatient, temporary hospital care and ambulatory care (ambulatory care for patients who are members of health insurance schemes within the framework of individual authorizations), all health insurance schemes and private insurance providers. There are 60 spaces in the day clinic, 74 interdisciplinary beds, 20 dialysis places, 18 inpatient treatment units for bone marrow transplants.