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State of Hesse

Wiesbaden is the state capital of Hesse. The Hessian State Parliament is headquartered in Wiesbaden.

Economics, Transportation and Technology

Hesse is one of the most powerful economic regions in Europe. Thanks to its location in the very heart of Europe and its ideal transportation infrastructure, Hesse has evolved into one of the leading business locations with a particular focus on new technologies and financial services.

Culture, Leisure and Tourism

Hesse features a wide variety of cultural offerings. The rich panoply ranges from three State Theaters and numerous cultural events to fortresses, castles and parks. Moreover, the approximately 400 museums and archives harbor veritable treasures. The Hessian sites listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List are of particular interest. No matter what your prime interests are – be it fine arts or film, historical buildings or history, literature, music, dance or theater – the culturally active State of Hessen offers something for everyone.

State, Government and Hessen in Europe

A quick look on the map is enough to recognize that Hesse is located in the very heart of Europe. Ever since Bulgaria and Romania joined the European Union on January 1, 2007, the EU’s geographic center has been located in Meerholz, a suburb of Gelnhausen in the Main-Kinzig District.

Hesse is economically strong, dynamic, has a beautiful nature and is several of culture. The English speaking website of the State of Hesse shows its wide spread benefits.