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In Wiesbaden leisure means a unique and diverse offer of activities. Let’s start with the two parks "Rettbergsaue" and "Unter den Eichen" which are situated in gentle countryside and offer young and old pure relaxation. The two parks perfectly fit into the green cityscape. In the Fasanerie (zoo and botanical garden) families with children will be delighted to experience the world of animal and botanical life located in the north-west of Wiesbaden. Experience nature in the Aukamm-Naturerlebnistal, where numerous excursions and tours are offered. Schloss Freudenberg is balm for your senses, and the ruins of the Jagdschloss Platte (hunting lodge) also show Wiesbaden’s valuable recreational offers and possibilities.

Well-being has become of increasing importance in Wiesbaden, the former spa town known worldwide. There can be no resisting the call of the thermal baths (Thermalbad and the Kaiser-Friedrich-Therme) to actively relax.

Biking tours and barbecues at one of the many places in Wiesbaden are also ideal when people just like to hang out and relax.