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European Youth Circus 2022

Every two years Wiesbaden is host to a magnificent festival featuring talented, up-and-coming artistes. The next European Youth Circus will be in October 2022.

Every two years the regional capital of Wiesbaden becomes the European hub of the circus, artiste and variety scene. The European Youth Circus is a special occasion both for the international audience and the people of Wiesbaden, making it one of the most outstanding dates in Wiesbaden’s cultural calendar.

The artists / application

The Selection Committee will view the applications from artiste troupes and artistes wishing to take part in the European Youth Circus. They will decide between 24 and 28 acts from the different European countries who will be invited to the artistes’ festival in Wiesbaden.

The application form for the festival in 2022 you will find in December 2021 on this page.