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European Youth Circus 2021

Every two years Wiesbaden is host to a magnificent festival featuring talented, up-and-coming artistes. In 2021 the European Youth Circus will be from Thursday to Sunday, 28 to 31 October.

Every two years the regional capital of Wiesbaden becomes the European hub of the circus, artiste and variety scene. The European Youth Circus is a special occasion both for the international audience and the people of Wiesbaden, making it one of the most outstanding dates in Wiesbaden’s cultural calendar.

The artists / application

The Selection Committee will view the applications from artiste troupes and artistes wishing to take part in the European Youth Circus. They will decide between 24 and 28 acts from the different European countries who will be invited to the artistes’ festival in Wiesbaden.

The application form for the festival in 2021 you will find in December 2020 on this page.

Cancelling of the European Youth Circus 2020

The European Youth Circus will not be held in 2020. The artistry festival, scheduled to be held at Dernsches Gelände from 22 – 25 October 2020, will be postponed to 2021.

Due to the travel restrictions throughout Europe it is virtually impossible to go ahead with serious planning. Of course, we also have our sights on the safety of our audience since the regulations in force at the moment would be difficult to comply with in a big top – let alone during the rehearsals involving some 100 artists, technicians and musicians. The circus thrives on its special atmosphere and especially on the interplay between the artists and the audience.

Needless to say, we want to retain the Festival and now plan to hold the EYC in October 2021.

With immediate effect applications for the European Youth Circus 2020 will no longer be accepted. Applications for the 2021 Festival are expected to be possible from January 2021 again. Application forms will be made available in due course at www.wiesbaden.de/circusfestival.

All artists’ applications received so far will remain valid for the 2021 Festival. It will also be possible to submit an updated video next year. Due to the postponement of the Festival by one year it will – by way of exception – also be possible for artists to apply for participation if they have completed 26 years of age at the time of the Festival.

The whole European Youth Circus team wishes all artistes, partners and sponsors as well as the many friends and supporters of the Festival that they will get through these difficult times and look forward to the European Youth Circus 2021!