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European Youth Circus 2024

Every two years Wiesbaden is host to a magnificent festival featuring talented, up-and-coming artistes: From 31 October to 3 November 2024, the European Youth Circus will once again take place on the Dern'sches Gelände in the heart of Wiesbaden.
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Every two years the state capital of Wiesbaden becomes the European hub of the circus, artistes and variety scene. The European Youth Circus is a special occasion both for the international audience and the people of Wiesbaden, making it one of the most outstanding dates in Wiesbaden’s cultural calendar.

Until 31 May, Europe's young artists have the chance to apply to participate in this year's festival and prove their skills in front of an international Jury.

The jury evaluates the participating performances according to a point system and then awards the lucrative festival prizes. In addition, the artists have the opportunity to be awarded attractive special prizes from various prize donors.

European Youth Circus 25th anniversary

In 2023, the European Youth Circus celebrated its 25th anniversary since it first took place on the Dernsches Gelände in 1998. From 6 to 8 November 1998, the Wiesbaden Artistc- Festival, at that time still under the title EURO-FESTIVAL OF YOUNG ARTISTS, took place for the first time in the heart of the city.

In the week following the festival, the award-winning performances as well as other variety artists from European circus schools created a new show with directors Valentin Gneouchev and Raffaele de Ritis, which was performed the following weekend in Wiesbaden and a week later in Châtellerault, France, under the title EUROPEAN YOUTH CIRCUS. Since then, the artistic festival in Wiesbaden has been called the EUROPEAN YOUTH CIRCUS.

European Youth Circus – Behind the Scenes 2022

European Youth Circus - behind the scenes© wiesbaden.de