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2021 Letter from Wiesbaden

Once a year, a letter goes around the globe. It describes the chronology of the big and small events in the city of Wiesbaden. The letter is available for download at the end of this page.

What positive things – in the best sense of the term – actually happened in the state capital during this pandemic year? To shed light on this, to point out positive things in Corona times – that is what the 2021 Letter from Wiesbaden from the Friends of the Wiesbaden Foundation (Freunde der Wiesbaden Stiftung) is mainly about.

Its author, Ingeborg Salm-Boost, former head of the Wiesbadener Kurier's local editorial team, reviews enjoyable cultural events large and small that were permitted to be held under restrictions, such as the beach chair concerts at the Brita Arena, or literary readings at Burg Sonnenberg castle. However, less positive events cannot be left out. The fact that the inevitable demolition of the Salzbachtalbrücke bridge, for instance, worked smoothly and was as exciting as a crime thriller is just as positive as the successful temporary conversion of the RheinMain CongressCenter into a vaccination centre.

The Wiesbaden Foundation looks back on a very active and successful year, with some of its highlights presented in the Wiesbadener Brief. As every year, the print version of it – in German and English – will also be sent to friends of Hesse's state capital living abroad. In printed form, the letter is available at the Tourist Information Centre, the State Museum, or the Kurhaus, as well as in other places in Wiesbaden. And, from now on, anyone interested can find it on the internet, of course, both on this webpage of wiesbaden.de, and the Wiesbaden Stiftung website. Published with the support of Wiesbaden Congress & Marketing GmbH, the letter shows on its cover a work of art floating over Wilhelmstraße (known as the "Rue") and intended for the Museum Reinhard Ernst, which is currently under construction.