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2023 Letter from Wiesbaden

Positive events will also take centre stage in the Wiesbaden Letter 2023. Every December, it will be sent on a journey around the globe, allowing friends of Wiesbaden all over the world to take part in a very personalised review of the year.

The publication, published by the Friends of the Wiesbaden Foundation and written by Ingeborg Salm-Boost, is of course also available in printed form in many places for interested residents of the Hessian state capital. 

For example, in the Kurhaus, at the Tourist Information Centre or in the Wiesbaden Museum. The Reinhard Ernst Museum for Abstract Art will open its doors in the neighbourhood towards the end of the first half of 2024 and enrich the cultural mile. Both museums want to work closely together. The Wiesbaden Foundation, which has now moved into its foundation building at Michelsberg 6, celebrated its 20th anniversary. A selection of its diverse projects can be found in the Wiesbadener Brief. 

Other highlights that are mentioned in it: World stars in the Brita Arena, Wiesbaden as the host city for the Indonesian delegation of the Special Olympics and the Connichi trade fair in the RheinMain CongressCentre, which attracted 27,000 visitors and will be held in Wiesbaden again in 2024.