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Third Wiesbaden Photomarathon

On May 28th the third Wiesbaden Photomarathon took off. In 2016, photo enthusiasts gathered once again to prove their creative talents as photographers and urban detectives alike.

During the Photomarathon the participants had six hours to capture ten individually defined subjects, that should result in a coherent set within an overarching theme, on their cameras' memory cards. Just like the previous two years, analogue photographers could participate too. There was also a special award for under-age participants up for grabs. The particular challenge: the main theme, as well as the individual subjects, were announced on the day of the event. All tasks were set for the participants in German and English, to accommodate international participants.

The Photomarathon took the competitors across the whole city, stopping off at several waypoints. At each waypoint they received a set of new topics. "We are looking for the artist, not the athlete with the Photomarathon", said Christoph Goertz, initiator and organiser. "The idea is to tell a unique story that matches the overarching theme, as well as capturing the sub-theme with each individual subject." The results were assessed by an independent jury at the end of the Photomarathon. In addition, there are plans for exhibitions of the photos taken by the participants.

"In contrast to a normal marathon, the Photomarathon competitors are allowed to use cycles, taxis, busses or longboards to get to their next subject or waypoint", emphasised Christian Scheler of the team of organisers.

Everyone with a camera was welcome to join. The entry fee was 17 Euro, under-aged concession 10 Euro.

Organisers: Interessengemeinschaft Fotomarathon Wiesbaden (IG)

The "Interessengemeinschaft Fotomarathon Wiesbaden" (IG) organised the 3rd Wiesbaden Photomarathon.

"With the Wiesbaden Photomarathon we are closing a gap. In more than 40 cities world-wide this special photography event is already being realised, with ever growing participation. An absolute must for a photogenic and heterogeneous city like Wiesbaden." said Holger Schwedler, member of the Interessengemeinschaft Fotomarathon Wiesbaden.

Terms and conditions:

  • Date of event: 28 May 2016
  • Target audience: Professional photographers and enthusiasts
  • Registration: fotomarathon-wiesbaden.de
  • Equipment: Digital camera with memory card or analogue camera (no smartphones)
  • Time-frame: 6 hours
  • Number of pictures: 10
  • Announcement of topics: 2 blocks of 5
  • Requirements for submission of the photos: no editing outside the camera, maintenance of sequential numbers, no deletions