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Zoo and Botanical Garden

Once the hunting ground of the local princes, the zoo and botanical garden known as "Fasanerie" is now a popular destination to experience nature. Located in the north-western region of Wiesbaden, the Fasanerie covers 25 hectares of land between Aarstraße and Klarenthaler Straße.
About fifty native animal species are kept at the Fasanerie in harmony with nature. Visitors can observe various wild and domestic animals, ranging from the "common" domestic pig, wolves and foxes to the occupants that currently enjoy the most popularity, the three bears, Ronja, Troxi II and Kuno.
Special attractions include the feeding sessions taking place every day – except on Fridays – at 11 a.m. (bear, wolf, lynx) and at 3 p.m. (fox, wild cat, and otter).
The park’s landscape has a lot to offer, too: meadows, wood land, water as well as exotic and native plants form a unique pristine scenery for visitors to immerse themselves in and forget about city life. The rich park vegetation includes Caucasian firs and North American redwood trees (sequoia).
Children can enjoy the petting zoo area, a water playground, and a playing field with attractive equipment. Only the feeding of sheep, goats and deer is permitted and only using the food sold at the Fasanerie.
The Fasanerie zoo and botanical garden has a special treat for all visitors: the friends association (Förderverein Fasanerie e.V.) and the nature education centre (Naturpädagogisches Zentrum) invite guests of all ages to join one of the guided nature study tours where children and adolescents can learn interesting facts about animal species and plants in a playful manner.