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Easter Market

The Easter market 2020 must be canceled!

Easter market 2020 must be canceled

Due to the decree of the Hessian Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration of March 12th, 2020 prohibiting large events due to the occurrence of SARS-CoV-2 infections in Hesse, the Easter market 2020, which was originally supposed to take place in Wiesbaden from March 27th to 29th , are unfortunately canceled. This also includes the associated fabric market on Sunday, March 29, 2020.

Needless to say, Easter bunnies will be mingling among the passers-by at the Wiesbaden Easter Market, organised by Wiesbaden Marketing GmbH, which offers activities in the pedestrian zone from 27 to 29 March 2020. They give children little surprises and, together with stilt-walkers, entertain the guests who are spoilt for choice at the approximately 80 Easter Market stands offering regional, national and international handcrafts. The great fabric market at the Dern'sches Gelände, the Wiesbaden automobile exhibition at the Schlossplatz and the shops open for business on Sunday, March 29, are traditions at the Easter Market.

The popular hay figures, without which the Easter Market is unimaginable, accessories for home and garden, a wide range of jewellery made from silver, precious stones, shells or pearls, pottery, Easter ornaments and natural brushes characterise the range of goods at the Easter Market stands from Rheinstraße to Mauritiusplatz. Food and wine stands provide refreshment. There, visitors can try delicacies including honey and almond pastries as well as cheese and cold meat specialities. There are culinary treats at the Dern'sches Gelände, too, on Sunday when the great "Holland" mobile fabric market entices the visitors to discover new fabrics and haberdashery at a total of 140 stands. Automobile fans get their money's worth at the Wiesbaden automobile exhibition at the Schlossplatz. There, the exhibition association of the Wiesbaden-Rheingau-Taunus vehicles guild together with renowned car dealerships from the city and surrounding area showcase around 150 of the latest car models.

11 to 20 o'clock Kirchgasse Handcraft Market
11 to 20 o'clock Schlossplatz Automobile Exhibition
10 to 20 o'clock Kirchgasse Handcraft Market
10 to 18 o'clock Schlossplatz Automobile Exhibition
10 to 18 o'clock Kirchgasse Handcraft Market
10 to 18 o'clock Dern'sche Gelände "Holland" mobile fabric market
10 to 18 o'clock Schlossplatz Automobile Exhibition
13 to 18 o'clock Historic Pentagon Shops open for business