Flea Markets at the Biebrich Palace

Whether visitors are looking for something specific or they just want to browse, flea markets always have a magnetic effect on them.

The flea market takes place from March to October at "Am Parkfeld" in Wiesbaden-Biebrich every third Saturday of the month. From seven a.m. to two p.m. useful, artistic, and quite a few odd things change hands along the flea market mile.

Whoever wants to get rid of pottery, books, pictures or clothes, will find the Biebrich Flea Market the place to be and the place to sell. Reserve your 4 x 1.20 meter space for 15 Euro. Admission tickets for flea market vendors are available at the Wiesbaden Tourist Information at Marktplatz 1. Seasonal flea market tickets for the whole summer can also be purchased there. Prior reservations or written or telephonic issuing of tickets cannot be offered.

Flea Market Rules

Setup starts 6 a.m. and runs through 7 a.m. Driving access to the flea market grounds is authorized only during this time window and from the Rhine River side on Rheingau St.

Vehicles need to be removed from the market grounds immediately after unloading. All vehicles parking at the market grounds after 7 a.m. will receive a written reprimand at owner’s expense.

Flea market slots are numbered sequentially. Table numbers are indicated and marked on the ground.

Reservations for a specific location cannot be granted. It is not permitted to leave trash behind on the market grounds. Table permits are to be displayed at the tables.