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Living in Wiesbaden
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The Warmer Damm Park (Warm pond)

The Warmer Damm Park enjoys its popularity thanks to its central location in the middle of town. In the centre of the "green oasis", which is larger than 4.5 hectares and was designed between 1859 and 1860 as a landscape park, a large pond is the focus of attention.

It provides many aquatic birds with a habitat throughout the year. The "Warmer Damm", as it is called familiarly by Wiesbaden residents, is bordered by historical town houses and country manors, some of which are nearly 200 years old. "Warmer Damm's" northern end is marked by a monument to the German poet Friedrich Schiller. Throughout the park visitors can see both modern sculptures as well as a monument to Wilhelm I and historical fragments of a Roman temple. The name "Warmer Damm" goes back to the system of weirs of an earlier period whose basins were in part filled with water from the hot springs. The "Warm Pond", in existence until 1805, was used in various ways, among them as a horse bath.


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