Rettbergsaue (Island)

The Rettbergsaue owes its name to the baron Carl von Rettberg, who, in the year 1832, bought the largest part of the island located on the Rhine River as well as the estate situated on it for approximately 1,125 guilders for agricultural purposes, but later sold them again due to financial reasons for 50,000 guilders. The Schierstein bathing beach was created in 1914 and in 1921 was combined with the bathing beach Biebrich as a bathing and leisure establishment. The popular bathing beaches were closed in 1962 due to the extreme pollution of the river and have been used as leisure parks since then.

The Rettbergsaue covers an area of 68 hectares and has a length of approximately three kilometers. With its two leisure parks and camping areas it measures about 300 meters at the widest spot. Due to its extensive bird and plant populations, 90 percent of Rettbergsaue is environmentally protected space. The remaining area is available to the public for nearby recreation and relaxation at no cost.

There is no traffic on the island and dogs are also not allowed. Therefore this idyllic place with its white sandy beaches is a great destination for outings especially for families with children. Camping enthusiasts will also find ideal conditions at Rettbergsaue. Rettbergsaue can be reached from the Schierstein Harbour with the ferry "Tamara".

Also located on the Rettbergsaue is a playground with attractive playground equipment, playing areas for badminton, basketball, floor chess (only in Biebrich), open air skittle alley (bowling alley) (only in Biebrich), volleyball (only in Biebrich), several table-tennis tables, a soccer area with goals and a barbecue area. At the Rettbergsaue Schierstein the Insel-Café takes care of the culinary desires.